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Our Newest Star

received_1682280152102419On Saturday December 10, our newest foster will arrive! Her name is Estelle, which means star. I named her that for two reasons.

The first is because it’s time this dog was a star and a star is what she will be at our house. She was significantly less than a star in the home that surrendered her. They had not bothered to name her or even feed her, letting her eat from the trash.

Estelle’s owners surrendered her when their landlord decided to shoot Estelle because they were told they couldn’t have a dog. The rescuer in South Carolina learned all this when she went to the home to get Estelle. Before she left the owners also offered to sell her prescription drugs and possibly their children. The enormous heartbreak of this situation still has me stunned.

The second reason why I chose the name Estelle is because she is expecting Christmas puppies! The best guess is that she has about two weeks left until she is due, and you-know-who is also due down the chimney about that time! We are all excited at the prospect of puppies for Christmas and Nick built me a gorgeous whelping box as an early present. I’m already amassing names – Plum Pudding, Ebeneezer, Eggnog, Kris Kringle, anyone?

Estelle is listed as a one-year-old Doberman/lab mix. She has yummy chocolate coloring and expressive eyebrows. I’ve been starring at her frightened face all week and am grateful that she is finally in a safe place. And still I worry because she is too young to be having pups and has most certainly already experienced some of the worst humanity has to offer her. We are more than prepared to get her started on her happily-ever-after story.

Edith is doing beautifully. Her coat has glossed up. Her perennially goopy eyes are all clear. Her happy is off the charts. She’s even starting to get into trouble—stealing one of my puzzle pieces and nearly swallowing it, and achieving gold-status as a counter surfer.


She will be leaving this Tuesday to continue to rest in her new forever home where her arrival is highly anticipated and just in time for Christmas! What a journey we’ve had with this precious girl. I am beyond happy for her even though there will surely be an empty spot in my heart for a bit. Here’s a picture of Edith with her new forever mommy, Nancy.


Nancy is a very talented (and much too reasonable) photographer who specializes in Pet portraits! Nancy will be a the York Pet Valu in Queensgate Shopping Center taking holiday pictures with Santa (to benefit OPH) this Sunday December 11 from 12-3pm. To keep tabs on Nancy or maybe contact her for portraits, be sure to like her facebook business page.

If you’ll indulge me one more minute, I’d like to tell you about a special OPH event that benefits dogs like Edith and Estelle. OPH’s ongoing Shoe Auction is happening RIGHT NOW. If you’ve got a shoe fetish, we’ve got the shoes for you! And your purchase helps us rescue more dogs! This is such a win-win. Click HERE and get in on the action.

Also, this weekend is Sip for a Cause at Lingamore Winecellars in Mt Airy, MD. Bring your dog for pictures with Santa! And your tasting fee benefits OPH! Dogs, Santa, wine, what’s not to love? I’ll be there and hope to see some of you, too!


For even more updates on fosters past and present (especially from the nursery) be sure to join the Another Good Dog facebook group.

13 thoughts on “Our Newest Star”

  1. So glad for Edith, and super glad for Estelle who deserves so much more than she’s had. Christmas came early for her, even if she doesn’t know it yet. And I didn’t realize you were so close…I am just in Hershey.


  2. Edith looks so happy! No longer does she have that sad look in her eye that she had months ago! So happy for her and her new family!

    And Estelle, what a sweet girl! She’s so lucky to be having her puppies under your care, and I’m sure she will find her forever home soon after!


  3. I can’t say enough about the care you provided for Edith and her pups. So happy I was able to follow the progress! Estelle couldn’t land in a better spot. Here’s to a new beginning for her! I look forward to taking more puppy pics!!


  4. Hi Cara,
    What a heartbreaking story but grateful that you have her and the pups will be nurtured by you and your family! Regarding the names…how about the reindeer names? Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and so forth. 😁


  5. If she doesn’t have more than the three pups, Gold, Frank and Myrrh. The three gifts… You’re a wonderful person to give so much of yourself to animals in need. 😊


  6. I enjoyed this post. A shoe auction? Neat. I like shoes and purses. Maybe OPH could have a purse auction too sometime? Or a shoe and purse auction? While I’m not one for shopping online, I could see that pleasing many a woman out there, and the money going toward a good cause. Shoes and purses are two things a woman can’t do without.:)


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