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Being (kind of) Famous

I’m still figuring out this being famous gig.

Not that I’m famous in the everyone-knows-my-name way, but famous enough to have my bad-hair picture splashed across the centerfold of the New York Post, my book mentioned in People Magazine, a live interview with the “most listened to pet talk radio show in the country” and lots of dear family and friends turning out for my book launch.

It’s exciting and overwhelming and humbling.

I don’t know how to say thank you enough, and truth be told, I feel a bit guilty. I know of SO MANY amazing people at OPH and its partner shelters who are doing so much more than me and my little foster home. But I’m grateful that I can do what I do, knowing that it’s only because of so many other people, not the least of which is my husband Nick and my three kids who have suffered through the poop and the plunder. Just this morning Grits destroyed one of Brady’s socks and Billie Jean got the other.


Before I give you the reality of my past week, I have to say one thing – I AM NOT COMPLAINING.

I’m not.

Seriously, I’m beyond thrilled.

But while it might have looked great online, there were plenty of moments when I was well aware that I’m really not that important! The dogs helped out a bit in hammering home that point.

Let’s start with the launch party at Gunpowder Falls Brewing Company. There was fabulous food provided by my amazing bookclub (you ladies ROCK – Thank you, thank you, thank you. I owe you all big time.)

OPH was out in force with lots of foster dogs and volunteers and plenty of support. We even had one of the dogs get adopted that night – which I take as a GREAT omen for this book.

38843090_10214244224558046_5010997833835216896_n (2)

Maybe one of the coolest surprises was that Sadie (aka Harriet Beecher Stowe), the cover girl showed up!

As well as a few other stars of the book: (Okieriette, Fannie, Snapdragon, and Edith)

Everything went great, although Billie Jean was very stressed whenever she didn’t have me or Nick in her sights.


About midway through, a passing rainstorm hit and we had to huddle together under the tents, while avoiding the steady drips as the tops of the tents filled up with water. It didn’t last long and most everyone stayed dry and we resumed out party, but in the chaos of the storm I completely forgot that I’d planned to bring out the gorgeous cake at the midway mark and when we were cleaning up later I discovered it behind the bar still in its box. Still, it was a super-duper night.

38901050_10215566531547624_311547212435816448_n (1)

The next day I said goodbye to Biscuit and Muffin who took off for their forever homes.

These little hounds have been a joy – surprising me with their very un-houndlike neatness. Despite a serious battle to rid them of worms that involved cooking a lot of rice and chicken, I’ve loved having them here. They are seriously lovable pups. Grits is still here, but no doubt his family will come for him this week. Frankie and Billie Jean are keeping him from missing his sissies too much.

If you’d like to meet him in person, join us at the Black Flag Brewing book event, where he will decidedly steal the show!

Friday night found me at Aaron’s Books in Lititz, one of my favorite little towns. I’ve been a patron at Aaron’s for years and always valued the excellent selection, the staff notes, and the excellent recommendations. Edith and Nancy made the trip with me. By the end of the night, Edith was a pro at signing books.

Tink (aka Summer Shandy) also made a brief appearance with Deb and Scott but the stress of the busy bookstore proved too much and she made an early exit.


Several generous patrons gave donations for the shelter tour which I was able to combine with a few other donations from the book launch to purchase a large aluminum Karunda bed for one of our shelters. Instead of dragging it along with us in the van, I had it shipped directly to the shelter. Best of all, I talked with at least two families who were seriously interested in fostering!

Saturday’s adventures took me to Monument City Brewing in Baltimore where the brewer is a two-time adopter from OPH. Angelica Church (now Milly) and Violet Beauregard (now Hildie) are growing up as brewery brats at MCB. Both girls, along with two more Hamilton pups, and my very FIRST FOSTER, Galina, joined me for the book event.

Snoopy’s family came to MCB to adopt him, which was super cool. Before they arrived, though, we pimped him out collecting donations for OPH.


Huge thanks to Lisa, Pam, and Mary Beth for helping me start to finish and to Steve for taking lots of pictures. The event was so much fun it ran a few minutes over, so I was pressed for time as I headed into beltway traffic. I was scheduled to do a live radio interview with Talkin’ Pets at 5:10pm.

At 5:03, I’d just crossed the state line to PA and I had a serious dilemma.

I had to pee.

There was not enough time to make it home before the interview, so I swung into the PA Welcome Center and prayed my phone wouldn’t ring while I was in the crowded bathroom. I’d just returned to my car when the host’s assistant called, so I sat in the rest area watching parents wrestle with children, truckers smoke cigarettes, and dogs do their business as I was interviewed live on national radio.

The next day the New York Post article came out and I could only shake my head when I saw the picture that actually made the paper. It was one of the last one’s the photographer snapped when I’d sweated off my makeup and my hair was plastered to my head. So much for looking good for my national debut! My arms are full of puppies though, so likely that’s all anyone saw.

nyp paper

This week promises to be more of the same. Lucky for me I still have Grits and Billie Jean here to keep me humble. In fact, Grits managed to sneak off with my copy of People magazine yesterday. By the time I realized where all the little pieces of paper scattered through the front hall were coming from, he’d eaten the page that had the People’s Picks on it.

On Sunday, we had my parents and all the kids for a celebratory dinner and I’d saved the part of the cake that featured the book cover for our dessert. But while we were having a nice meal on the porch, Billie Jean managed to get the cake off the counter and eat the entire thing! (note to her future adopters – she has a stomach of steel and had absolutely no ill effects!)

Here’s the complete schedule –

dart schedule 8-14-18

I’d love to see some of you at any of the upcoming events. I’ve got frisbees (400 of them because the manufacturer accidentally doubled my order and when I reported the mistake, they told me to keep them!), treat bags for pups, and at many of the events, a few stars from the book ready to sign/paw with me!

At non-bookstore events, I’ll also be selling these super cool mugs with all the proceeds going to OPH!


Thanks for reading!

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15 thoughts on “Being (kind of) Famous”

  1. My goodness Cara, when will you be home and when are you going to get some sleep? I do want to purchase one of your book and am so excited to read it. I can wait until the excitement slows down though and you are back home. Just let me know when you have time. What an amazing adventure you are on!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You sure have some exciting tales to tell. I love the one about the dog eating the celebration cake before you could serve it. I am really glad we will be able to see you after your Boonsboro book signing September 15 and do a bit more family celebrating with our famous daughter-in-law! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just read this post for the first time… being new to the blog, I’m wanting to read the posts I’ve missed. They’re sure interesting. Do you actually get the dogs you intentionally bring with you to leave a paw print in someway when you sign a book? Is there a way to do that? This is new to me. Sorry the cake got eaten by the dog. Glad she didn’t get sick from it though. What kind of cake was it? I didn’t realize how many businesses, even ones where food is sold, are open to having dogs at them. For the longest time, I thought that it was illegal to bring dogs into public places unless they were some type of service dog. Personally, I’m not a fan of people bringing dogs into public places that aren’t meant for dogs, but your doing this when at book signing events makes sense. The more dogs that can get adopted, and the more awareness about the lack of homes for dogs in shelters that can be raised, the better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – it’s fun to have dogs at the signings. These are all dogs mentioned in the book. I bring an inkpad and we stamp their foot on the pad and in the book – super cute. A few people have even come to multiple signings to try to get different dog’s ‘pawtographs’ in their book!


  4. Cute stuff… even to this “dog dislike,” as I call myself when asked if dogs are my best friends. When I’m in the right mood though, I find it interesting to feel the coats of different dogs that I encounter and notice the difference in their textures. I like how soft and furry some golden retrievers can be, for example. My mom has two of them at her place, one that we got when I still lived at home, the other given to her by my aunt when her health prevented her from continuing to be able to own her. Sometimes I’ll get a brief canine welcome when I go over, but the dogs know that I’ll give them attention… when I FEEL LIKE IT. They have many other fans, so they are not wanting for attention at all. I’m more of a cat, pet mice, hampster, guinea pig, rabbit and chicken person.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You never know, I wasn’t a dog-person when this all started either. And dogs are much less threatened by people who don’t look at them and let them have their space. I bet they appreciate that about you.


  5. I’m sure they do, but I think that they sense that I’m not their number one fan and are still hoping I’ll become one soon. But I think we’ve come to an understanding: give me my space, and I’ll give you yours, and maybe a pat here and there.


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