Operation Paws for Homes

10408737_10153235881699513_6332608552967883153_nWe foster dogs through Operation Paws for Homes (OPH). OPH is a network of foster homes throughout parts of Virginia, Maryland, and Southern Pennsylvania. These really cool people rescue dogs from high kill shelters in North and South Carolina, plus Turks & Caicos (really!) and even Afghanistan!

Prior to adoption, all dogs are microchipped, neutered, given heartworm, flea & tick preventatives, and updated on their shots. One of the truly unique things about adopting a dog from a foster home is that the foster family has had a chance to get to know what the dog is like in a home setting. They can tell the adopter about the dog’s habits, quirks, likes and dislikes which helps to make a better fit for both the dog and the adopter. If you’d like more information on adopting a dog, fostering, volunteering, or being an awesome financial supporter, check out OPHrescue.org.

2 thoughts on “Operation Paws for Homes”

  1. I am interested in applying to adopt a puppy but I have one issue that I feel could be a problem.
    I had used one Veterinarian since 1986, Dr. Edgar Loy – who retired several years ago.
    I then went to several others until I found a good fit. (Dr. Tracey Moussa who had her own solo practice called ‘Animal Birth Control of Harrisburg’.
    She closed her practice a couple of months ago. UGH. Now I have to find a new ‘vet home’ and I will need to do some visits and see which one I want for this important job they do for my pets.
    That said – I have no phone number to give to you.
    Not sure if this will be a problem with my application to adopt. Pkeaae let me know. Thank you !


    1. You can explain all that to an adoption coordinator when you apply. I don’t think it will be an issue, though. Super exciting time – adopting! My puppies won’t be on the website until they are 5 weeks old, but you can still apply for them. There are lots of other pups on the webiste or coming soon, too. Best wishes!


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