Survival of the Cutest

I think God made puppies cute so they could survive.DSC_8262

Otherwise, how could you forgive them when they do things like…..

Eat the hard-earned check you received (more than a month ago) for tutoring some kid in math after school? (Just because your mom told you to put it somewhere safe, i.e. the bank, doesn’t give the little poltergeist permission to destroy it.)


And what can you do but forgive the puppy whose innocent chewing sharpened the tip of your baseball cup to a painful self-mutilating weapon. (I know – hysterical! Except to the innocent ball player who can’t be bothered to put away his gear after a scrimmage and who is horrified that a puppy touched his cup, yet is the kid who slips it off on the drive home and leaves it on the carpet in the hall. When I showed it to him he said, “Gross! I can’t believe the puppy touched that!” LOL.)DSC_8319

I may say all manner of nasty things (to myself) when cleaning up dirt from the unearthed lemon tree (which should have been moved back outside by now) or the shredded comforter she pulled out of her crate and unstuffed. Yet, do I hold it against her cute self? Impossible!

I shriek when she dive-bombs me at full speed on the couch unawares, but still I welcome the snuggle even as my heart settles back down from the fright. (I’m hoping to catch this on video at some point. There really is no way to describe it. It’s something you have to experience!)

When she stands at the baby gate, whining for my company, DSC_8325I hurry to finish whatever task drew me away from her presence. I can’t stay away long because I know her little wriggling, furry body will waggle with happiness whenever I step back over the baby gate as if I’ve been gone for days instead of mere minutes.

Her cuteness drives me to give her more treats than are warranted, and even table scraps much to my husband’s shock and surprise! (I’m one of those people who don’t let the dogs lick the plates. I don’t want to encourage begging at meal times. But remember the post about already adopted puppies being like visiting grandchildren? Yup. Spoiling this one rotten. Sorry Jana.)

Today I’ve even moved my laptop into the kitchen so she’ll sleep more peacefully with me in sight. (Wait – if her eyes are closed how does she know I’m here?)

The cats are decidedly not impressed with her cuteness. But they’re cats, so they’re not impressed with anything.DSC_8241

This weekend OPH will have a booth at Green in the City and I will take my adorable little girl along, even though she’s very much already spoken for. This is because I know that her cuteness magnet will draw people to our booth like puppies to toilet paper rolls.IMG_1606

(If you’re out in York city on Saturday morning be sure to stop by and see us!)

I’m sure when she moves to her new forever home, Wheat Penny will wreak a little havoc. That’s what puppies do, but I’m also certain that her cuteness will keep anyone from tossing her out in the cold.

(Okay, so this is the second post blathering on about how cute Wheat Penny is, but I really can’t help myself and neither can anyone else. All day long I hear, “Oh my gosh, she is so cute!” But I promise, from here forward, not another word about the cuteness of Wheat Penny!)

One more for the road…DSC_8320

(Note: We’re headed to transport on Friday evening to pick up a new foster. A gorgeous hound surrendered by her owner. It will be a three-dog weekend!)

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