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A Puppy in Paradise



I’m trying to prepare Foo Foo for the weekend. It’s gonna be a biggie. Especially if you’re a puppy. There will be eight (yes eight!) college students camped out all over the house for the weekend. This will be huge for the puppy on so many levels!

First, there’s the obvious food droppage. Foo Foo is the queen of food droppage. In fact, I haven’t needed my robotic vacuum since she was installed in the kitchen because she does regular and thorough sweeps of the floor gathering all crumbs and dust-particles-that-smell-like-food, and bits-of-paper-and-trash-that-could-be-food, which really just leaves dirty socks and school papers. These she chews on as after supper snacks.

I know her breed is listed on her paperwork as “lab-mix” (the catchall phrase for dog rescue I’m learning) and I’ve claimed she looks like a miniature weimeriener (spellcheck doesn’t know what to do with this word, but I know I’ve got it wrong). But I’m gonna go with hound.

This girl is some kind of hound. Nothing eats like a hound and I’ve never met a dog more devoted to food. Here’s a video of Foo-Foo eating dinner. I wish we’d gotten a better one. Sometimes she is so frantic, she shoves the bowl all over the kitchen with her excitement. This time the bowl was pretty stationery.  Addie’s been timing her and so far her top time is 35 seconds start to finish, but I think she beats it on this one since she didn’t have to chase after her food bowl (I found one with rubber grip feet).

Her daily activities are dictated by what’s happening in the kitchen. If there’s food around, she wants in on it.


She’s also an excellent pre-washer


The other giveaway on the hound pedigree is her sleeping habits. She sleeps. A lot. Yes, yes, I know puppies sleep a lot, but she sleeps more than any of the puppies I’ve hosted. And once more, she can sleep through activity around her. Sometimes a ruckus will wake her, but she simply lifts her head from her comfy bed (the only nonpink item besides Foo Foo herself that was returned with her) and sighs before yawning with her large alligator mouth and returning to the task at hand – sleeping for hours on end.


Don’t get me wrong. She can still go-go-go like a puppy,


but once she shuts off, she’d done.

Probably the best thing for Foo about having eight teenagers (really ten if you throw in the two resident teens) around is that it will provide an unlimited supply of playmates. Foo Foo loves people and she most especially loves people to love her. She is a first-class snuggler.

Odds are these kids are a touch homesick (otherwise why are they piling in two small cars to drive two hours away and sleep on the floor just to see their friend’s little sister in The Crucible, a not so happy play?) Homesick kids need puppies. Nothing better for homesickness, take my word for it.

Actually nothing better for just about any situation.

Angry? Here, have a puppy.


Who can be angry with a puppy?(ME! When she poops on the floor right after I’ve brought her back inside)

Sad? Here, have a puppy. Who can not-smile when they’re holding a puppy?

Nervous? Worried? Stressed? Puppies for everyone. They’ll cure what ails you!

Foo Foo will not want for a lap or a set of arms or a willing person on the other end of the leash this weekend. I’m sure of it. I’ll probably miss her even while she’s right here in my house.

That’ll be good practice because we’ve only got Foo Foo for just a few more days. Her adopter is due just before the holidays to claim her. He seems pretty excited and even has a furbrother for her who resembles John Coffey, so she’s headed for a good life as every puppy deserves.

It’s gonna be a wild weekend. I promise a photo montage of Foo Foo and her teenage harem on Monday!

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