A Long Time Gone

IMG_2460So, the snow is ridiculous. I was gonna write about it, but I’m still too mad at its sheer presence. It’s like that crazy relative who comes for a visit and is so darn much fun, but the next day you’re hungover and tired and really in no mood to deal with his needs. Go away, you think. But he doesn’t go away. That’s where I am with this snow.

I don’t think it’s ever going away, so I’m going away instead. I expect it to be GONE when I return. (If you want to witness our Snowmaggedon, click here.)

While we are gone, we’re leaving the g-parents in charge. This means NO FOSTER DOGS. None. Not even sweet, easy, fun Lily (who just this morning I caught eating the corner off the guest room comforter in honor of the g-parents arrival!). So Lily is going back from whence she came (Chris’ house). Love my girl and we will miss her. But she’ll return to the party when we get back (and the snow is GONE).

As a treat for you while we are away, I’m arranging for a few updates from dogs-gone-by. I put the plea out to some of my foster dogs/puppies from last spring/summer and am hoping I can give you the down-low on their adventures since leaving our wonderful foster home.

Lily knows something is up, like any true dog. She’s seen the bag packing, my ramped up stress-level, and the cleaning (perhaps the most obvious giveaway of all). She is underfoot. This morning as I picked up her toys so that I could run the vacuum in the kitchen, she followed me around, retrieving each toy I put in the basket, only to drop it wherever she was to get the next toy I put away. Ian watched as he was eating his breakfast and said, “Is having Lily around what it’s like to have a toddler in the house?” Today it is. When I finally put the basket out of reach and got the vacuum, she offered her assistance with that task too, and I learned that I can play fetch and vacuum at the same time. How’s that for multi-tasking?IMG_2503

If you’re a dog-aholic like me, you might be interested in attending the Pet Expo this weekend at the Timonium Fairgrounds. OPH will be there (in the Cow Palace – yes there is a place called this) and I’ll be hanging out at the booth from 1-5pm on Saturday. The show is Fri-Sat-Sun. Click here for details on OPH’s plans and here for general info on the Expo.

While I’m away on our SUPER AMAZING VACATION, you can keep tabs on me by following my Facebook Writer page (which is different from my regular person Facebook page). But I’m warning you, you may experience a slight twinge of jealousy. Or not. Maybe you don’t like warm, sunny, tropical places or rum drinks or colorful fish or sandy beaches. Maybe you’re a weirdo like that.IMG_2480




7 thoughts on “A Long Time Gone”

  1. My daughter, Bobbie Jo, read your blog and was worried that Lily is going to be sad because you are going away :). I told her “Mr. Chris is very nice and will take great care of her”. We’ll have to definitely plan to stop by the pet expo!


  2. My 12 year old labrador puppy is such a princess that she walks around puddles on the sidewalk. I can’ imagine what she’d do if we lived in a snowy area!


  3. I trust your vacation was a good one. I went to TX this past February, and coming from cold Canada, liked pondering the contrast between the cold runway my friends and I walked down towards the plane and the warm state we’d be arriving in later. First time I ever wore sandals and summer clothes regularly in February and swam in an outdoor pool then too. Nice. But eventually the heat got to be too much for me, and I personally was happy to get back up North to our cold winter. Ah, some normalcy.:)


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