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Capybara, Hamster, or Darlin’? You decide! (Plus updates on Gala, Punkin, and missing dog, Cindee)

The brown dogs are still here.

Seems like brown dogs are not in style this spring.

I have faith that their families will find them, but the longer they are here the more entrenched they become in our lives. Darlin’ is embarrassingly attached to me. So much so that when I leave, she whines and pines and generally annoys everyone left behind. When I return she is beside herself with happiness circling me and begging for my attention. She needs to find her person soon, so she can aim her endless devotion on the right soul.

Addie has decided Darlin’ looks like a giant hamster. I asked her why and she said, “She just does. Look at her!” Another OPH foster’s teenage daughter, who was here to help with the puppies, said Darlin’ looks like a capybara.

Thinking of the capybara brought memories of sitting through the videotape (yes, I’m that old) called “Baby Animals” which my preschool age children wore out with their constant viewing. The announcer tells them all about the Capybara. In fact, if it weren’t for that videotape I, like my OPH pal, would have thought she was making up the animal’s existence. I reminded Addie of that video and how she loved the capybara and she had no memory of ever seeing it. One more reminder that my version and her version of her childhood bear no resemblance. But Darlin’ does kind of resemble a capybara, doesn’t she…..

Ian agreed with Addie that Darlin’ looks like a hamster. I scrutinized her and decided that her big, liquid eyes do resemble a hamster’s and her soft brown coat is hamster-like, but her nose doesn’t twitch and she doesn’t have fat cheeks. I think she channels the Littlest Pet Shop creatures more than a hamster, and she could definitely be mistaken for a capybara.

Gala has put on a little weight and is even more stunning than when she arrived. If I were comparing my brown dogs to schoolyard stereotypes, Gala is the cool kid. The one who is just naturally good-looking and confident and has the best ideas for pranks or finding trouble. Darlin’ is more the wannabe sidekick,  a little on the chubby side, but huge-hearted and only wanting to be liked.

I took Gala to Ian’s soccer game on Sunday and discovered that she has very nice manners when we’re out and about. She doesn’t bark at activities or other dogs, and is enthusiastically friendly to every soul she meets. She is wary about other dogs though, and while she didn’t bark at them, when one dog owner allowed her dog to cross into Gala’s space (without asking me if this was okay to do), Gala snarled and the owner pulled her dog away quickly. Hopefully, a lesson learned.


Gala continues to amuse us with her antics and frustrate me with her curious meddling. She can hop on the counter as easily as a cat and enjoys cleaning out the nasty stuff left in the sink strainer, plus anything left on the counter that’s edible. She sits beautifully on command and I’m hoping to try teaching her a few more tricks this week. She learns fast and is an eager student. I unearthed a hoola hoop while sorting through the shed and will see if I can get her to hop through. I’d love to take her somewhere with agility obstacles and see what she thinks. This dog needs a job. She’s too smart to lounge away her days in my kitchen.

Our newest foster, Punkin, lives up to the cute name.


She is simply delightful. Happiest little tyke who can amuse herself for hours with her toys, tackling them, pouncing on the squeakers, and even growling at the toys as she wrestles them. I love watching her on the puppy cam. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a contented puppy. She is ever so happy to see visitors and clamors at the gate if she catches sight of anyone. I worried that there would be a lot of crying with just one puppy all alone in that room, but she has done well. She’s also happy to be snuggled and will sit on a lap to watch television.

Punkin is almost completely black with just a couple white hairs scattered on her chest. She has a remarkable seam down her nose as if she really is just a stuffed animal, but I think it’s just an extra long cowlick.


She’s only 7 pounds, so she’s smaller than the cats! No doubt this puppy will be snatched up and adopted long before Darlin’ and Gala, but that’s the way of the world, isn’t it? We all want to be young and cute.

18198374_10154523301407405_6440108910141282593_n (2)

Update on our missing OPH dog, Cindee: She’s been spotted in the same area and OPH is tracking her movements and figuring out her patterns. They are also working with Find Toby to attempt to trap her. I’m the closest OPH volunteer, so I’ve been helping with look out and checking the trap and camera. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking. Today I saw her at only 20 feet and she looked terrified and skinny. Please say a few prayers that she allows herself to be caught soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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