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Dog-Saving Justice League

Finally!  A new foster pup is on his way to us! Bronson (or Buford as he was called in his previous foster home) is a black and white colored lab/hound/possibly Catahoula mix depending on whose report you read. Any way you mix him, he’s pretty adorable, even in a bad shelter picture, see?


Just last night, Frankie snuggled with Nick watching the Eagles win, softly gnawing on his arm, and Nick said, “He needs somebody his own size to chew on.”

Gracie has no patience for insistent puppies, and here’s the only way he can safely play with Gala (who LOVES him beyond reason or restraint):

Bronson/Buford is Frankie-sized and five months old, so basically we’re getting a foster puppy so Frankie has someone his size to chew on. Nice perk of the foster system, huh?

Bronson/Buford is coming from a foster home instead of a shelter and for the first time in my fostering experience, we got a report on the new foster dog from his previous foster in North Carolina, complete with pictures (which are scanned in, so pretty fuzzy).


Reports from shelters are often sketchy. They come from people who are juggling a hundred dogs and not only do they not have the time to write down details, much of their information is outdated, as it comes from the dog’s intake, which could have been weeks prior to their arrival with OPH.

Reading the notes provided by Bronson/Buford’s foster made it clear that he’s not only a stellar pup, but he’s gotten excellent care and plenty of love. (They’ve also already put a big effort into getting rid of his fleas and worms – I LOVE these people sight unseen.)

He’s nearly crate-trained and house-broken (thanks Kristin, if you’re reading this!). He loves people, is good with children, didn’t overreact to a cat, and has a little experience on a leash. Boy, this feels like a walk in the park. Puppy fostering has never been so easy. I can’t wait to meet this little guy!

Originally, I thought I wouldn’t be able to take a foster dog off the transport this Friday since I’ll be in Cincinnati (at Books by the Banks! Come see me if you’re nearby – I’m pretty nervous about this big event). Lucky for me, another foster agreed to pick up Bronson/Buford and house him until I get back Sunday evening. Tim held the triple-threat puppies for me about this time last year (remember Hershey, Russell, and Dustie?) and not only bathed them, but took some awesome pictures.


When people say to me, “I don’t know how you do it…” in regards to fostering so many dogs, I’m always kind of embarrassed because I’m not superwoman. Or if I am, there’s probably a hundred more of me scattered all over Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania. And we back each other up, kind of like a dog-saving Justice League.

The network of foster homes created by OPH means that help is almost always at the ready. Other fosters and volunteers are available not only for advice, sympathy, supplies, and hands-on help, but they also foster-sit for us when we’re on vacation and transport dogs to vet appointment and adoption events. One of my superhero foster sisters has volunteered to take Gala for us during our upcoming vacation (and if you know Gala, you know that’s no small offer), and another is planning an adoption event just for Gala (since Gala can’t got to adoption events with other dogs).

Basically, what I’m saying is none of us has to do this alone. Reading the report on Bronson/Buford, reminded me there are superheroes rescuing dogs all over and we’re connected by an invisible web spun from our shared passion. When I walked Frankie this morning, I imagined that Kristin might have been walking Bronson/Buford somewhere in NC at that very moment, watching the sun come up, smiling as the puppy on the end of her leash chased down a flying leaf or paused to watch a squirrel scramble up a tree. We’re both part of an invisible network that will see that pup safely to his forever home.

All these people, working together, that’s the only way it’s possible. So, nope, I’m not in this alone.

And that’s pretty much what makes not just fostering dogs, but life, doable.

Thanks for reading!

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Have an outstanding week.

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7 thoughts on “Dog-Saving Justice League”

  1. Oh my gosh that new little foster pup is too cute!!! Gala and Frankie crack me up. Maybe growing up with Frankie will help Gala socialize with other dogs. I am wondering if Gala was attacked by a dog before she was rescued. The fear is too real for her. Anyways much success at your book signing. If your ever down South here in Dallas let me know I’d love to come to a book signing event😃!


    1. Thanks Laura! I do wonder also what happened to Gala before she was rescued, her reactivity to other dogs is the one thing that she hasn’t gotten better about. I guess everyone has a right to their hang ups.

      I’m hoping I will get to Dallas one of these days. My little brother lives there and my husband travels there almost monthly, so there’s a good chance. I’ll be sure to let you know!


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