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A Week in the Life of this Foster Mom

One week later and Bugs is a part of the family.

Ian calls him Bozo because he’s such an easy-going, goofy guy. Nick appreciates that he doesn’t get on the furniture or counter surf (manners are important to my hubby).

Bugs is a lovebug, that’s for sure. He likes to be where I am and has become the largest member of my entourage that follows me upstairs and down. We did a lot of walking early on, but his pads got sore, which leads me to believe he was living the easy life, prior to being returned.

It’s pretty clear he was also living the sheltered life. He startles at new people and every odd noise. With that big booming voice, it’s a little intimidating, but there’s really no threat because he is a big, sweet baby. He will need an adopter who will introduce him to the world, taking him lots of places and introducing him to plenty of people.

photo Nancy Slattery

Bugs is curious and friendly with other dogs but wasn’t sure what to make of Frankie’s overtures at first. It seemed to me that he simply didn’t know what Frankie was talking about when he’d assume the play position and then dart at Bugs, giving him a friendly nudge or nibble. For the first few encounters, Bugs, who is a head taller than Frankie would run from him in fright.

It didn’t take long, though, for the youngsta to catch on. Now they wrestle endlessly and it’s Frankie that has to seek cover when he’s had enough.

Bugs is a very calm dog for such a large, basically overgrown puppy. He has easily adapted to our routines, walks beautifully on a leash, and is quiet in his crate. He plays when Frankie is in the mood, and snoozes when he’s not. He doesn’t chew anything inappropriate, doesn’t bark excessively, and travels well in the car.

This is a really nice dog.

photo Nancy Slattery

If you’re looking for a best bud to take everywhere with you or a sweet, family pet or a playmate for your current dog, consider this adorable guy.

Over the weekend, I attended the Hamilton Puppy 3rd birthday party.

It seems incredible that it was only three years ago that they landed in my puppy room, and at the same time, it’s hard to believe they are three!


This year, as in past years, there was plenty of romping, but I did note that all of the dogs were calmer. They enjoyed pupcakes and I enjoyed seeing how very much their families love them. It was one of those awesome foster moments.

Frankie had a blast at the party. I have very few pictures of him there because I couldn’t get near him for much of the party. He ran away every time I approached, convinced I would make him leave. It reminded me of children who hid from me at playdates because they didn’t want to leave. He came home covered in slobber, his undercarriage coated in mud, and slept the rest of the day.


I won’t dwell on Daisy, because if you’re following her Diary on Facebook or the recaps here, you already know what’s happening with Daisy. That said, I would ask for your prayers and connections. It’s time for this sweet girl to go home.

photo Nancy Slattery

In less than two weeks, I leave on the OPH Rescue Road Trip and my greatest wish is that she finds her forever home before then. Otherwise, it will be a tough week for her. If I can’t find another foster home to take her, my friends will be tasked with caring for her since she is still too afraid of the guys in this house to be safely cared for by them. Both options will be stressful for this sweet girl.

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  1. Glad that Bugs is settling in well. I read your latest diary entries on Facebook (I’m not that familiar with the site, but am getting there) about Daisy’s time with you, and am glad that she had that little breakthrough with Ian. As you said, she is clearly a big fan of the outdoors, so spring will be good for both of you. I hope that she finds her forever home soon. And it was good that she didn’t too worked up when you passed the man who was running while walking with Linda. She’ll get there.

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