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Coming Soon to a Foster Home Near You: Puppies!

I’m pretty sure Mia will be here indefinitely.

It may take some time for her people to find her. She’s incredibly special and so her people are likely special too. She’s ceaseless entertainment for Fanny (and for us), so we don’t mind waiting.

Nancy stopped by to take some pictures of our beautiful girl whose personality is as sparkling as her appearance…

Meanwhile, as somewhat expected, the flow of unwanted dogs – strays, owner surrenders, and too many puppies as a result of too few spay/neuter surgeries last spring—is increasing steadily, day by day in the shelters and dog pounds in the south.

We haven’t had puppies here for quite some time—since Mia’s babies back in May. So, it was time.

The Broadway Babes

Knowing that the big-dog energy in our house is already over the top, the only logical thing for a crazy-dog-lady to do is take in a few puppies. Five this time.

Someone asked me what kind, and all I could say was the cute kind. I don’t know anything about them yet except they hail from Alabama. I don’t know how many boys or girls, how old they really are (the best guess is 10 weeks), or whether they are big or small dogs. All I know is they need a safe place to land.

So it’s time to sanitize the puppy room, round up the towels and toys, put the fence back up and locate the bowls and beds. Puppies are coming!

I’m excited to meet them and looking forward to transport on Friday with my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong between now and then. I’ve made plans for plenty of fosters who never made it north, and unvaccinated puppies are especially at risk in a shelter. To my mind, they can’t get here soon enough.

I’m tossing around litter theme/names ideas. If you’ve got a good one, please do send it along. I’m tentatively thinking of naming them the Groovy Gang (Fred, Daphne, Scooby, Shaggy, and Velma), or maybe a literary theme (my favorite kind), or possibly The Incredibles (Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack) since Halloween always makes me think of the year Ian dressed up as Mr. Incredible and met another three-year-old dressed as Mr. Incredible and that led to me meeting one of my very best friends (Mr. Incredible’s mom, Lisa).

circa 2005

If you’re looking for a puppy, be sure to get your application to OPH in NOW and get on the Puppy Waiting List, as the people on the PWL will have first dibs on these adorable babes.

If you’d like to hear a heart-warming rescue story, be sure to join me tonight at 7pm on the 100 Dogs & Counting Facebook Page for my weekly LIVE—Let’s Talk Rescue. My special guest will be a shelter worker who made that rescue happen for 16 deserving dogs just over a week ago (six of which are already in forever homes!). If you click on the event, you’ll get a reminder when we go live.

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