The Power of a Puppy-Cam

DSC_9414Puppies are powerful. They change everything – schedules, priorities, moods.  No one can be unhappy around a puppy. There’s been a lot of smiles and laughs around this place all week.

Of course, I’m not smiling or laughing when I’m cleaning up after them, except when Marzle grabs the pee rag and takes off dragging two or three siblings along with it. That’s kind of funny. Unless they step in the poop enroute. That’s unfunny.

The puppies are a people magnet. We’ve had plenty of visitors and I’m fairly certain attendance was up at our annual fourth of July party due to the six furry guests who basked in all the attention.DSC_9412



I think OPH should harness the power of these puppies in their fundraising. Spending as much time as I am with them, I’ve had lots of ideas.

My first thought was – Puppy rental! It seemed like a great idea. Elite Daily has a nice article on the power of puppies entitled, “Why Women Love Men with Puppies.”

Sadly, this is not a realistic possibility for many reasons, not the least of which is that puppies under 16 weeks and not fully vaccinated shouldn’t be out in public places because of the risk to their health. (All my puppies are spoken for and will be going home long before 16 weeks, so you lucky people make sure to keep them healthy by staying away from busy places!)

The restriction on public appearances means my other ideas of Puppy-Selfies and Puppy-kisses and Puppy-therapy, would probably not be a go either.

Many times visitors this past week have asked, “How can you get anything done? I’d just stand here and watch them all day.”

Honest truth – sometimes I do. They are so far beyond the realm of normal cuteness and their presence is addicting. It’s very easy for me to while away a good hour just watching them wrestle and throwing tennis balls in the pen or snuggling with a puppy on the church pew on my back porch breathing in the puppy scent and day dreaming.

Thinking about this while picking blueberries (a mindless task that takes hours), I came up with a brilliant way for OPH to use puppy magnetism to raise serious funds and awareness.

We should install a Puppy-Cam!

This past winter/spring, our local park service installed an Eagle-Cam above a bald eagles’ nest in Codorus Park and people flocked to the site to watched two bald eagles care for their eggs and then hatchlings. Now, baby eagles are okay. They aren’t cute, but they’re novel and it must have been exciting to check the website every day and look at the eggs sitting in the nest. I never partook of the opportunity (the paper put the best shots on their facebook page most days), but the paper claimed that millions of other people did. The Eagle Cam was HUGE.

So think of the potential of a Puppy Cam! I’m certain even more people would tune in to watch puppies doing anything….




Chewing their chew bones

Playing/fighting some more

Even Sleeping (I think this might be my favorite time to watch them!)

And just in case seeing the puppies made everyone decide they needed a litter of their own, you’d have to include footage of cleaning up the poop. (I’ll spare you the sample video.)

I’m only half-kidding with this. Posting a live stream on the OPH website would bring thousands of people to the page every day. A prominent DONATION button could do very well.

I tested my idea on the party goers and everyone responded enthusiastically – Yes, they’d LOVE to watch the puppies do anything!

Me, too. So I guess I’m the luckiest girl around. I’ve got my own personal 24-hour puppy-cam every day. At least until Friday and then the puppies journey forth.

Here’s one more puppy moment filmed just this evening…

5 thoughts on “The Power of a Puppy-Cam”

  1. Thanks for the smiles on a dreary Monday morning. I love the Puppy Cam idea too! Of course this means you’ll need more puppies!!!!!


    1. Thanks for writing Teena. It’s not easy (some more so than others), but I know if I don’t, I can’t save any more. And I really, really, really want to help more dogs. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, but it’s not for everyone!


  2. I think that having a puppy cam on the OPH website would be a good idea too. A good way to raise awareness and money. And maybe a cat cam for those fostering cats and kittens? It must be handy to be able to check in on the dogs when you’re away with just your cell. Technology does wonders when it is used properly and with good intentions.


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