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What’s a Week without a Dog?

This week was supposed to be our dog-free week, but you know me. What’s the point of a week without a dog?

All nine puppies are safely set in their forever homes where reports abound that they are LOVED and ADORED and also that they are very SMART puppies a few of which are susceptible to car sickness (just like their mom).

Schuyler is having her spay operation today and then on Thursday she will go home with her forever family.

[And right here, I must do a SHOUT OUT to CAPE HORN VET in Red Lion for the excellent care and discounted rates they offer OPH for our foster dogs’ necessary medical treatments. Schuyler is my third dog I’ve taken for her spay surgery and I’m always impressed at the professional care and the friendly people. They definitely don’t treat us like discount clients.]

After Schuyler goes home, we were supposed to have four days with no dogs (except Gracie, who does count, we’ve been over that….).

No dogs would be a good thing because this weekend Nick and I are joining my brother and his wife for the annual event – Carapalooza! And before you think that there is a festival all about me – let me explain. Each May we travel to our beloved Shenandoah Valley and attend a fabulous Wine and Craft festival in Front Royal, VA. Sometimes other couples join us, sometimes it’s just us. My little brother named it Carapalooza because it almost always falls on my birthday weekend. My sister-in-law even had a sign made – I know it’s a bit over the top. (But it does make a girl feel special)


Anyway – this weekend is Carapalooza, so no dogs would be a good thing. Except I can’t say no to some dogs. Especially foster dogs who have had three foster homes in 10 weeks and no adopters because they simply have too much happy to be contained. This is Gingersnap:


I know, she’s gorgeous, isn’t she?

Gingersnap’s previous fosters did a great job with her and fell in love with her quickly, as I have. But in the end, her overly enthusiastic affection and great need for exercise was more than either could deal with (one works full-time and one is about to have surgery).

Gingersnap is not a quiet dog. In any way. But wow – such a huge heart. She LOVES (and if I could make that word bigger, I would) every dog and person she meets. She loves them so much she can’t contain herself and launches herself at them, wiggling her whole body as if this new person is the BEST PERSON SHE’S EVER MET!

Gingersnap has the same reaction to other dogs. Because of this, she can’t attend adoption events – she considers the whole scene one big giant playdate. Not all dogs (Gracie would be one of these dogs) want a new friend RIGHT NOW. Especially a friend who is extremely physical in her affections and perhaps a little manic. Schuyler, on the other hand, was ripe for a playmate and the two of them have spent endless hours wrestling and chasing and fighting over who gets to sleep in the laundry basket (which is too small for EITHER of them!).


We’ve discovered that Gingersnap can settle down and she and Schuyler have happily snuggled on the Frank bed together. Gingersnap is also lovely company to hang with on a nice evening (at least until a cat appeared, but I really think she only wanted the cat to join the party). She tries very hard and obviously wants to be a good girl – which she mostly is – sitting nicely to have her harness put on, doing a few commands, settling down in her crate and sleeping all night, and best of all – she’s housebroken!


Despite the manic-enthusiasm, or maybe because of it, Gingersnap is my kind of dog. She reminds me of Kylie – misunderstood, but with an amazing heart that brims over with unbounded personality. She just needs the right adopter – someone who either has a serious running habit, a large fenced yard and/or an enthusiastic canine playmate. I’m sure that person is out there and eventually will find Gingersnap. Until then, she’s got a home here.


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