Book Review: Girls’ Weekend

Here’s one of my favorite reviews for my novel which released this past May. And here’s my favorite line from this thoughtful review: “The author reminds us in this story that it’s o.k. to not be satisfied with o.k.”

(Note: I’ve made a valiant effort to keep my ‘dog blog’ and my writing career seperate, so indulge me here. If novels/women’s fiction/women-who-are-fed-up-with-their-lives aren’t your thing, just ignore this post! A regular dog-blog post is coming soon! oh, and if you make it all the way to Jennifer’s blog post, be sure to give her a ‘like’ as book bloggers do all their good work for free!)

“Girls Weekend,” by Cara Sue Achterberg Publisher: Fiction Studio Books; May 3, 2016 Synopsis: Dani, Meg, and Charlotte have bonded over babies, barbeques, and backyards, but when they …

Source: Book Review: Girls’ Weekend

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