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A Great Reason to Give

As many of you know, I was inspired to start the Edith’s Heart fundraising page by this amazing dog:


Edith is a remarkable black lab who gave birth to 12 beautiful, healthy puppies despite the fact that she had been living on the streets, was severely malnourished and heartworm positive. Edith was a wonderful mother and all those puppies are now in happy new forever homes. Edith also has a forever home waiting for her after she is treated for heartworms this week at the vet, plus recovery at our house for the next two weeks.

On GIVING TUESDAY (tomorrow November 29), two BIG things will be happening. First, Razoo will be waiving the administrative fees normally subtracted from the gifts given via their site. This means that 100% of your gifts to Edith’s Heart on Tuesday will go to OPH to treat Edith and other heartworm positive dogs!

If that isn’t incentive enough, I’m offering another! When you give a gift of $25 to Edith’s Heart, I’ll mail you 2 beautiful note cards featuring pictures of Edith’s puppies! If you give $50, I’ll send you 4 cards (including a picture of Harriet, the puppy with the remarkable heart shaped marking on her chest!). If you give even more, I’ll send even more cards! The pictures on the cards were taken by Nancy Slattery, Edith’s adopter, who is a professional photographer. Here’s an example of one of the pictures:



The other BIG excitement happening tomorrow is that Edith will be having her Heartworm treatment! She will spend the night at the vet’s office and could use all of your prayers or positive energy or good thoughts or powerful juju or whatever you’ve got in your personal arsenal. I will post updates on her condition on the facebook group Another Good Dog.

Heartworm treatment is brutal and expensive, but ultimately lifesaving. Without it, Edith would slowly die from the nearly foot long worms that are growing in her heart and lungs. I am proud to be a part of OPH Rescue, a rare rescue that is committed to saving heartworm positive dogs, despite the financial and personal cost to do so. Heartworm is a COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE condition as long as responsible dog owners give their dogs a monthly preventative.

I hope you’ll consider giving a gift of any size on Tuesday to help us save more heartworm positive dogs and even if you haven’t got funds you can spare, you can still help us spread the word about heartworm prevention! Speak up and save a dog’s life.

Stay tuned for news of our newest foster, Estelle, who arrives this weekend! Look for a post on the many reasons I named this special dog Estelle.  (Hint: she has something in common with Edith and hopefully it isn’t heartworms!)



4 thoughts on “A Great Reason to Give”

    1. YES! She has a wonderful adopter – the same woman who took all the puppy pictures! She’s been a regular visitor, taking Edith for walks and helping me with the puppies. It’s a great home, which is a good thing or Edith would be a foster fail. We’d never let her go!

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