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The Other Foster Dog

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t written very much about my other foster dog. Vera Bradley has been with us for a month now, and in that time her presence has been eclipsed by puppies leaving, Estelle leaving, and then Darlin’ giving birth. That’s my official excuse.

My unofficial excuse for not mentioning Vera often is that my family is in love with her. All of them.

Well, except the cats.

The cats are beyond terrified of her. One has even taken to living up the hill with the barn cat. There is good reason for this fear. I have little doubt that Vera would (best case) run them out of town or (worst case) shred them into little bitty pieces, if given the opportunity.

In fact, it is this very threat to the cats that keeps my family from kicking me out and keeping Vera instead.

And Vera, for her part, loves them. Every one of them. Even Gracie….


She loves with a huge 60-pound enthusiasm that is hard to match. If anyone lounges on the couch, she will join them by making them the peanut butter between her lengthy body and the couch. She is always happy to see you and even though she quickly settles down, many times a day her ardor becomes unbearable and she will lay her head on your lap, leg, arm, tummy, or shoulder and simply gaze upon you with unrequited devotion. She follows me from room to room (including the bathroom if I don’t close the door), content to be wherever I am.


Vera is all over Addie’s snapchat and out of the past 76 dogs we’ve fostered, she’s the only dog Addie has ever voluntarily walked. Nick chats with Vera like she’s another of his children and never grumbles when she hops on the couch to snuggle with him (even though his official stance on animals on the furniture is NO).


Several times a day, Ian can be found surfing his phone, nestled against Vera on the Frank bed and when he comes home from school he greets Vera before me.

We’re working on teaching Vera to refrain from giving unrequested facebaths to strangers or returning a greeting by diving on the greeter. The funny part (to me) is that Vera looks a bit intimidating. Yes, she’s got the coloring and the size of a black lab, but her face looks more pitbull to me, and therefore—fierce. And yet, this is the sweetest, most loving dog you could encounter.


When the UPS guy tiptoes onto our porch (he’s been bitten by Gracie), Gracie and even, Darlin’ bark their fool heads off, but Vera? She’ll come find me wherever I am and sit close to be sure she is safe from this possible intruder. That said, her love is so thorough, that I have no doubt that if I were to ever feel threatened by someone, she would protect me with a fierceness worthy of her appearance.

I’ve stayed pretty quiet about Vera, knowing my family is enjoying her company. But as the close calls with the cats pile up, it’s time for Vera to take her monster-size love and heap it on another family.

She is great company and as long as you don’t mind a little black dog hair on the furniture and the occasional unexpected facebath, she’s a perfect guest. Thanks to Nancy Slattery for snapping a few pictures of our sweet girl. (To learn more about her or apply to adopt Vera, click here.)

More news:

I’m super excited to have been invited to the Hamilton Puppies’ one year birthday party this Sunday!! I’ll post pictures on Facebook and write about it next week!

The Fast & the Furriest 5k is one of OPH’s biggest fundraisers and is coming up in just a month on April 9. Bring your dog and your friends and come walk or run and help us raise money to rescue more dogs. Nick and I will be running this year and hope to see lots of you (and your dogs) at the race!

If you’d like updates on Darlin’ and the pups (who are two weeks old tomorrow so their eyes should be opening soon!) or any of my foster dogs past and present, be sure to join the Another Good Dog facebook group.

Thanks for reading,


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4 thoughts on “The Other Foster Dog”

  1. She seems so sweet! Pity about the cats. My son’s dog used to chase our cats, then she met the one cat who wouldn’t run and she got over it. But yeah, you don’t want your cats eaten.


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