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Best of the Blog

Hi blog readers!

I’m traveling in England and Cyprus this week, but I thought I’d share a few of the best moments of the blog this year.

Of course Fruitcake takes the cake (so to speak).

Here’s a post explaining his Swimmer Puppy Syndrome.

And here are a few pictures of Fruitcake (now Brodie) from his adopter, showing a very different dog nearly a year later.

And then there were my miracle pups – a litter born prematurely. Only three of the eight survived. Here is a post about what I learned from that heartbreaking experience.

And here’s a picture of Puddin’ Head sent from his adopter (looking like the spitting image of his mom) and a video of Doodlebug just this month.


I’ll be traveling home next week, but hopefully I’ll think of something to post.

If you’ve got one of my pups – please add a current picture either in the comments on this blog or on the Another Good Dog facebook group. I’m not the only one who loves to get updates on your pups!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m so grateful for the community created by this blog. Thanks for being a part of it – together we rescue.

Many, many blessings,


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