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Who Wants a Puppy for Christmas?

A house full of teenagers returning home from war school with laundry in hand, holiday chores, high-maintenance foster-dog, an as-yet-undecorated Christmas tree, zero Christmas cookies made, gift-shopping incomplete, gift-wrapping not-yet-a-thought, book edits due, and impending relatives – what else could we pile on?

How about puppies?

Great idea.

And yet, it is.

These four little girls are absolute loves. Well mannered, happy, loving, healthy, and precious. The perfect escape from the holiday load. Once again, my mudroom is full of puppies. All is well in my world.


These puppies are the Giving Tuesday Pups. They got that name because all four have sponsors who donated at least $150 to OPH on Giving Tuesday in exchange for the naming rights of these puppies. Isn’t that cool? Doesn’t it make you want to donate $150 now so you can name a pup in my next bunch? (I can make that happen.)

These girls are three months old. They hail from my favorite rescue operation in North Carolina – Old North Canine Rescue, who took great care of them and sent them northward healthy, clean, and happy. The breed guess on this bunch is all over the place. They’re listed as terrier-beagle, but that’s really just an idea. No one knows, and they aren’t talking. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter. What they are is gorgeous puppies. That’s all any of us need to know. At between 10-15 pounds, they are not going to be huge dogs, especially the smaller two.  Let me introduce you….

(Until their sponsors give them names, I’ve given them nicknames.)

First is Tiger, so named because her brindle markings are so dark and defined they look like tiger stripes. This girl is stunning. She is also an absolute love who melts into your arms when you pick her up. She’s playful and curious and loves her kibble. She’s the largest pup, but so far doesn’t lord that fact over her sisters.

Next is Boss Stumpy. I know, not the best name. She’s a hoot, though. She’s the shortest pup in the pen with a build more like a Corgi, her legs even toe out. That explains Stumpy, but the boss comes from the fact that while she may not be large, she is in charge of her littermates. This confident little girl loves attention and likes it to all be on her. She loves me and has no qualms about shooing the others away when I come in the pen to visit her (I’m certain her little mind thinks that’s the only reason I’m there). She has the same big saucer eyes as the other pups and beautiful brindle coloring.

Brownie is quite possibly, my favorite pup. This sweetheart has long legs and big feet and, along with Tiger, will most likely end up a head taller than the other two. She is very playful, loves to chase a ball or play tug or decimate a stuffed animal. Her sweet face just makes me melt. I imagine Gala looked a lot like this cutie when she was a baby. They have almost the same markings (even the black spot on her tail).

And then there is Pinky. Pinky got her name because she arrived wearing a pink collar. Pinky has puppy-dog eyes like nobody’s business. She would make a great model for any dog rescue efforts because who could possibly say no to that face? This tiny little girl is gentle and sweet. She’s a quiet pup who is always grateful when I scoop her up for a snuggle, and tends to stay out of the fray whenever possible.

All these babies will be ready to go home for New Year’s and I can’t imagine they won’t. The waiting lists will be long. If you’d like to find out what their real names are, stop by the Another Good Dog facebook group where I’ll announce them as soon as they’re decided.

And what about Gala, you ask? Gala is still waiting for her family, but this week she will travel back to Pam’s house, where she stayed during Thanksgiving. Pam’s house is quieter, even during the holidays, and she offered to let Gala come for a little respite so she can avoid the stress of so many teenagers taking over our house and puppy adopters stopping by to meet their pups. But no worries, unless she gets her Christmas miracle, she’ll be back in no time, I’m sure.

cheering for eagles
Here’s Gala giving moral support to Ian during the Eagles game Sunday.

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7 thoughts on “Who Wants a Puppy for Christmas?”

  1. I’m curious, how come so many people pick puppies up and hold them in their arms or on their laps, or let them stretch out across their shoulders? When they’re older, people train them to stay down on the floor and not to jump on them. Wouldn’t the foster or forever owner of a puppy want to instill that practice in them from the start? Seems that you hold all of the puppies you have, letting them climb on you and into your lap. I’d personally not be up for that… if I’m going to greet a puppy, I’d rather they be in someone else’s arms or standing/sitting on the floor. Puppies who jump up and lick people are not for me. Dog lovers sure love puppies, it seems.


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