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Cuteness/Poop Overload

If you’re in the Another Good Dog facebook group, you know that these current puppies are unreasonably adorable. I can’t stop posting pictures, particularly of Augustus Gloop, whose wrinkles are beyond amazing.

I’ve come to realize, though, that there is a direct correlation between how cute puppies are and the amount of mess they can make.

These. Pups. Are. Slobs.

They are not all that big (5-7 pounds) and there are only six of them, so it shouldn’t be that horrible. I shouldn’t be needing to go in there EVERY hour to do clean up.


I keep reminding myself that I handled twelve HUGE puppies in that same room. At the time, I thought that was pretty rough, but now I see that was coasting.

It’s not that they don’t use their puppy pads. They more or less do. The problem is that after they’ve used the puppy pads, in celebration (I don’t want to think they are doing this maliciously) they run through their prizes and then track them EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING. After that is done, they grab the puppy pads and use them for tug-of-war or drag them up and down the room like little protestors trying to get my attention.

Because that’s what this crew wants – attention. All the time. (Hey locals – feel free to come visit them!)

Back to my original point. I am convinced there is a direct correlation between cuteness and mess-making. I would add that there is also a direct correlation between cuteness and need-for-attention. Which all makes sense because if they weren’t so darn adorable, most people would just toss this bunch to the curb (kidding).

I’ve been mulling this premise over and think it might be true of humans, also. But following that parallel could be dangerous, so I won’t.

Their mom, on the other hand, is such an easy-keeper (as we say in the horse world). She eats whatever I put in front of her. Is completely housebroken and crate-trained. Loves to play with Frankie. Doesn’t tear up my house or chew on things she shouldn’t. She was even left alone in the kitchen with the Easter ham for OVER AN HOUR and didn’t touch it. She’s a lovely walking buddy on the leash. She’s appropriately alarmed at new cars coming up the driveway but looks to me for assessment of their danger level. Her only fault (and you may or may not consider it a fault) is that she would very much like to chase the cat.

So here’s what I’m hoping: if I survive the next three weeks with the poop-puppies, they will be adopted (and thus separated) and they’ll have LOTS of attention all to themselves and then they will all grow up to be just like their mama.

Let’s hope.

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