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A Puppy for Frankie (and NO more puppies for Willow)

Frankie got a puppy!


At least that’s how he sees it.

His interactions with our new foster puppy completely personify the Abominable Snowman’s interactions with Daffy Duck-

“I will hug him and squeeze him and name him George!”

He is delighted to have a new playmate/toy and finds Zander simply irresistible. He paws at him and grabs him by the hind leg to drag around, but then flops on this back and lets Zander jump all over him. They race around the kitchen with Zander barking excitedly and Frankie grinning ear to ear (as only a pitbull can!). They skirt the hairy-edge of what is safe/fun, so we don’t leave them alone together.

Zander arrived on Friday from Tennessee. He’s our first Tennessee foster. He’s four months old and about 30 pounds.


His first day or so with us, he seemed mostly shell-shocked, crying for his siblings he’d just been separated from and hiding in the crate I’d brought him home in. When I allowed Frankie and Willow to peek at him from the other side of the gate, he finally began to come to life. He adored Willow (and she him) upon introduction. She plays beautifully with him in her mama-dog way, and he seeks her out for comfort when Frankie gets too rough.


Each day he gets a little braver, but I think he is a quieter soul as puppies go. Amazingly (thanks to whoever fostered him before he came up on transport!) he is mostly housebroken. Zander is officially ‘Cedar’ at OPH, but the tape collar he arrived with said ‘Zander’ and that seemed to suit him, so we’re going with Zander.

He is already AP (Adoption Pending) and his adopters made the trek up to meet him and immediately fell in love. It seemed quite mutual as Zander climbed all over them. They were able to act quickly because they were already ‘approved adopters’ with OPH.

Note to anyone thinking of adopting a puppy anytime this year: Apply and get approved so that when the right puppy appears you can act fast. All too often I hear the sad tale of people who lose out on a puppy or dog because they wait to apply until the ‘right one comes along’ and while their application is making its way through the process, someone else adopts ‘their’ dog.

Believe me, there are more than enough dogs looking for homes, but some seem to get snapped up more quickly than others. And it’s not always the ones you expect.

We fostered a stubby blue-heeler who was blind in one eye last year who had stacks of applications, and yet, sweet Willow, who is by far one of the nicest, easiest, funniest dogs we’ve been privileged to foster still remains with us with no applications. Which only goes to show – you just never know.


Willow will go for her spay operation on Thursday which will allow me to relax a little (and stop locking Ian out of the house). I’ve been vigilant about keeping our doors locked ever since an irresponsible (ignorant) neighbor’s unneutered dog has appeared in my yard twice on the scent of Willow. I’ve vowed that the next time I find him at my door, I will catch him and give them the choice of me reporting him to the dog warden (I’m willing to bet he isn’t licensed) or me taking him to be neutered. (Not that you’re reading this blog, but you’ve been warned.)

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to know more about Willow or how YOU can adopt this amazing dog, who is not only house-broken, crate-trained, dog-friendly, athletic, and people-adoring, but also funny and quirky and affectionate, click here.

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12 thoughts on “A Puppy for Frankie (and NO more puppies for Willow)”

  1. I do enjoy reading your blog and fb posts. I leave feeling I spied and wanting to adopt all of your fosters. Unfortunately, 2 is all that will fit in our 2BR Cape CID with a matchbook sized yard! When the Lotto, Powerball or Megamillions winning ticket makes it’s way into my hands, I’ll be rethinking my plan 😁🐶🐕

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    1. Thanks Ann – funny, I just posted a note to you on your blog. Wanted to email, but couldn’t find a contact. So many looney tunes cartoons are imprinted on my head/heart from the endless hours watching as a kid. I think Sponge Bob is the same for my kids’ generation.

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