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It’s Worth All the Poop (really)

“Ah. I can’t do this anymore!” I wailed at Nick after I cleaned up puppy diarrhea coated on every square inch of the puppy pen, every toy, every fence.

“You know,” Nick observed from where he sat with Oreo watching football with a beer in his hand, “You reach this point with every litter.”

He’s right.

I know I post all the fun and cuteness and make it look like puppies are the best thing ever, but here’s the God’s-honest truth:

Puppies are poopy.

And puppies that have been wormed (again!) are plaster-it-everywhere-poopy.

All eight need a bath. I’ve scrubbed the floor of the puppy room at least twice daily ever since we began our course of six days of safeguard wormer. And we’re only halfway finished.

My new (to me) car is coated in dog hair that does not belong to my super-short haired wubba-bubba. The seat has a stain where Oreo threw up on the hilly ride home from Hanover. The puppies head to the vet for their well check up on Monday, so it’s a good thing I bought a car that you can hose out!

I do laundry NONSTOP, have walked miles in circles in the rain, and John-Jacob ate the tops off my dog-walking shoes:


It takes an hour from when I open my eyes in the morning until I can sit down with a cup of tea and the paper because before I can do that there are three dogs to walk, twelve to feed, and a puppy pen that will require a serious scrubbing. The cat will follow me around mewling until I feed her and then the chickens are waiting to be released from their house, the horses are standing in line for hay and the barn cat is darting from corner to corner hoping I see her (but don’t see her) and fill her bowl with food.

But don’t feel sorry for me – I loaded my own plate. And despite the poop and the mess and the endless clean up, there is the love.

And the snuggles.

And the faces of adopters when they find their dog.

And the immense joy of knowing that I made a difference.


Don’t let the poop intimidate you – you can make a difference too. Apply to foster today.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Worth All the Poop (really)”

  1. I LOVE the photos! And you know, when I went to my very first orientation at the Humane Society, the woman who was leading it told us all to get very, very, used to dog poop because we were going to be up close and personal with it. And she was right!

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    1. Even though I grew up shoveling horse poop, I never imagined I would handle so much poop (in my house) and not be grossed out. Now it’s just the price you pay to save a life and it’s no big deal (except when it coats the walls).

      Liked by 1 person

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