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Hey, That’s Enough, Settle Down!

“Hey! That’s enough! Settle down!”

I find myself yelling these words again and again these days. Hula Hoop is no longer the quiet, calm, exhausted, worm-addled, nursing mama dog. Now, she is full-on puppy.

photo Nancy Slattery

In the past week, she’s eaten my running gloves (luckily they went right through – eww, definitely shopping for a new pair), devoured the faux-fur edge of one of my slippers, continued the assault on my dog-walking shoes begun by John Jacob (see picture), and redeemed Brady’s good reputation. (I’d been certain that Brady was the thief responsible for my favorite pens disappearing, but once my writer-son had returned to college, it became clear that the thief was not a person, but rather a dog with a penchant for needle-tip Energels. It was the tell-tale crunch that gave her away.)


Frankie is more than happy to indulge Hula’s need for nonstop play, happily battling with her all the day long. Flannery will usually go one round, before retiring to the sidelines to act as the fun police in my stead, barking at them, “Hey! That’s enough! Settle down!”

Hula is growing up in other ways. She’s learned to communicate when she needs to go outside to potty, happily races for her crate when I get out a treat at bedtime, walks beautifully on a leash, and recently discovered the joys of laying in front of the woodstove. Thankfully, her counter-surfing has subsided as she’s won the battle with worms, put on weight, and isn’t so desperately hungry.

photo Nancy Slattery

She offered not a peep as her puppies all took off for their forever homes.

I scoured the puppy room, washed all the towels and blankets, disinfected the toys, and took down the fences and gates. We are ready for the next batch, but pretty content with our peaceable pack.

dsc_7800 (2)

Next week Hula will go for her spay surgery and after that she will be available for adoption. She will make a wonderful family dog. She loves to play, cuddle, and romp, happily greets people of all ages, and with good supervision (don’t leave those pens or shoes lying about), is an easy dog to have around. Her endless energy is a gentle one. Here she is recycling a yogurt lid with Frankie:

Hula is a submissive dog who tries very hard to please and is grateful for any attention. She would be easy to train and has the light, springy, athletic carriage and the devoted gaze of a border collie. I know this because Frankie and I sit next to a purebred border collie in our Rally Obedience class at doggie school. That pup is gorgeous to watch and reminds me of Hula (with much longer hair than Hula and a little more barkiness).

If you know of anyone who would like to welcome this gorgeous pup into their lives, be sure to tell them to apply now! Here’s the link. Hula was recently added to the website, so I’m certain the line will start forming as this girl is pretty special.


Don’t miss the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet this Sunday afternoon at 3pm and the Dog Bowl on Saturday evening at 8pm. OPH will have competitors in both! (Someday I hope Frankie can compete in the Dog Bowl – wouldn’t he be awesome?!!)

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  1. Ha. You have to send that picture of your beloved shoes to LLBean, with some clever caption that only you could write! Maybe they’ll take pity on you and send you a new pair! Lots of love to you, and your family….human, and canine,

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