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Time for some Puppies!

Puppy watch has begun in earnest. After a week of her temperature holding steady at a consistent 100 degrees, this morning Thelma’s temp dropped to 98.7. She is still happy to see me and thumps her tail, but she doesn’t get up and climb over the side of the whelping box to greet me.  More tellingly, she only nibbled at her breakfast even though it was almost entirely eggs and chicken.

photo by Ian Achterberg

After a rough first week with us, Thelma has been doing pretty well. But ‘pretty well’ means that she will rarely go outside (thank goodness for puppy pads) and will eat only if I cook for her. The current menu includes chicken breast, eggs both boiled or scrambled (it’s springtime and our chickens are supplying plenty) and dried liver treats. I’d be grumpy about this, except this pretty little girl is just so darn sweet. She loves everyone and thumps her tail noisily at the sight of us passing by, lumbering to her feet if we pause in the doorway for a visit.

Thelma is young and this is likely a first litter, so I’m guessing that she’s confused about why she feels the way she does and for now, the puppy room feels like a safe place. The day after she arrived, she began vomiting and developed diarrhea. Me being a little extra paranoid and not wanting the situation to get ahead of me, I asked OPH for a vet appointment.

After running tests, the vet concluded that she had a stomach flu and when I asked how she got that, she told me that a boatload of wormers and every possible vaccine all in one day, combined with her day’s drive away from all she knows was probably pretty stressful. Add to that, we took her away from her equally pregnant sister, Louise, to whom she was tightly bonded. From Thelma’s perspective, it likely didn’t feel like a rescue. Thankfully, we’ve more or less turned the corner.

Here are Thelma and Louise at the shelter where I met them on the OPH Rescue Road Trip at Anderson County PAWS:

(I’m happy to note that Louise also made it out of the shelter with a different rescue!)

By the shelter’s calculations, she is due in the next week or so. Her belly is stuffed full of puppies (as the vet put it), but not quite as taut as a few other mom’s I’ve known, so until this morning I was confident we had a little more time.

But then again, tonight is the only night I can’t rearrange my schedule to suit Thelma. I have to teach from 7-9pm, so with my dog-luck of late, I’m assuming that will be when the puppies begin arriving. I’ve already put the call in to my back-up midwife, and she’s ready to step in if necessary.

If you want regular updates, I’ll be posting them on my Facebook writer page (plus some updates to the Another Good Dog group) along with the Daisy’s Diary of a Rescue, which has turned out to be much longer than I planned.

Speaking of Daisy, with Thelma in the puppy room, Daisy now owns the kitchen. She is either loose in the kitchen or tucked in her crate in the kitchen. I’m noticing that while she still won’t let either of the guys approach her, she is beginning to watch them more and meets their eyes when they look at her. She does many fly-bys when they are in the kitchen, giving them a quick sniff as she does her laps around the island. Daisy finding her family would be an answer to prayer. She is doing well here, but life in my kitchen is no life for this happy, silly girl who needs a family of her own.

day 58 3

[Pupdate: As of this post, Thelma has had five puppies in quick succession – fasted whelp for me on record – less than an hour and a half. She could surprise me with a few more, but as of now, everyone is resting quietly.]


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3 thoughts on “Time for some Puppies!”

  1. Keep us posted on Thelma and Daisy, sharing your Facebook posts on here when you can. And a thought for a future post: perhaps you could post more of your pictures and videos from your road trip into a post called something like “Sights and Sounds of our OPH Trip”. I’m sure you took more pictures and videos than the videos you’ve posted on here, no? I enjoyed listening to the ones you’ve already posted here. Glad that the dogs are making progress, and Thelma’s diet, minus the liver treats, sounds pretty tasty to me.:) I like to say that I’m the alpha female in my territory (apartment).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are working on a way to tell our Road Trip story – so I’ll keep you posted! We have sooooo much footage and pictures and stories. Everyone is still recovering, but hopefully, once we have our footing we will figure out how to share the story.


  2. Have you spoken to the others in your group since you dropped them off? I know that it was a meaningful experience for all of you, with many highs and lows. An idea could be to create a YouTube channel for the videos, with short descriptions of them within the page with the video on it. I’m sure you’ll think of something. Looking forward to your next post.

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