I’m No Good at Playing God

I’m no good at playing God. Once again, I’m learning this painful lesson.

Tomorrow morning I will drive my precious kitty to the vet and have him euthanized. Selfishly, I’ve tried to keep him here with me much longer than was kind or rational.

Crash is suffering. Tremendously. And I didn’t want to see it. I kept hoping for a miracle, wishing his diagnosis of F.I.P was wrong. I didn’t want to make this decision. I wasn’t ready to lose his fuzzy, sweet presence in my life. I truly didn’t want to tell my three children it was time. I didn’t want to play God. Continue reading “I’m No Good at Playing God”


I Hate This….

I wrote a really nice post for today. It’s positive and uplifting and all about how I spent the weekend choosing grace over irritation in response to a pile of unexpected (and unwanted) situations. I’ll probably post that one on Thursday because in addition to my Pollyanna dribble, there’s some good stories on Gala, the coolest foster dog we’ve had in some time. (No offense to some of the other amazing dogs we’ve had – she’s just simply the ‘cool kid’ and we are totally enjoying her.)

I’m having trouble posting my intended post because since I finished it, I received some truly awful news. News that has my heart aching and my head distracted. (Fair warning: this is not a fun post; feel free to skip to Thursday.  That’ll be much more uplifting. Promise.) Continue reading “I Hate This….”