Thanking the Timing of the Doggy gods (and possibly exploiting Our Relationship)

DSC_9717It’s been a busy week. It’s been a good week. I’ve been grateful to have a dog like Frank around. A dog who doesn’t require my constant attention, yet is always ready to give me his.

Frank is getting healthier by the day. He’s almost finished his full course of meds and things seem to be back in working order. He’s settling in at a decent weight and doesn’t respond to food like a dog on a deserted island anymore. Yay.

Frank’s going to hang around our B&B for another ten days until his new forever family is able to make the drive up here to pick him up. We don’t mind one bit because, as I said, he’s easy to have around, a pleasure even.IMG_1915

Somehow I think the doggy gods knew I needed a coast these weeks in terms of foster dogs. This week my first novel was published. So, in many ways, my dreams have come true.

I’ve been writing for years, getting published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, blogs, websites, even my own independently published book that grew out of my blog and workshops, but being a novelist…this is what pretty much every writer is working towards.

And it happened! But it’s a crazy time to be a first time novelist. The publishing industry is tight and getting your name up on the shelves with the established writers is not an easy task.

It requires lots of time and attention. Much like some foster dogs, but instead of cleaning up messes, concocting special meals, and walking endless loops around the yard, I am working the social networks, writing guest blogs, pitching libraries and bookstores, and all the while, getting my next book written.

Oh, and then there are these people who live in my house and expect to be fed and chauffeured and even, on occasion, to have clean laundry.

So I’m busy. And Frank is the perfect dog to have around. He creates no additional stress. Mostly he makes me smile with his endless devotion, wonderful manners, funny personality, and nearly complete obedience (sometimes it’s hard to resist chasing the barn cat who darts away at top speed when Frank walks in the barn).

I’d love to write a few more paragraphs about Frank, but I’ve got to get to work. Yesterday Apple ibooks named my book a top new fiction pick, so I’ve got to shout that from the rooftops and work the angles.

I have one small favor to ask of any of you readers who enjoy a good book.

Check out my book, I’m Not Her, and if it sounds like something you’d like to read – go request it at your library or bookstore.

And then if you read it and love it, spread the word! Tell somebody, mention it on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or wherever you hang out online.

It would be even more awesome if you selected it for your bookclub, or reviewed it on Amazon or goodreads.

I’d be super grateful because the quicker I get the word out about this book, the sooner I can get back to two of my favorite activities – writing and fostering another good dog.

I know he looks sort of dead in this picture, but it's really that he's gotten kind of comfortable here...
I know he looks sort of dead in this picture, but it’s really that he’s gotten kind of comfortable here…

2 thoughts on “Thanking the Timing of the Doggy gods (and possibly exploiting Our Relationship)”

  1. Loved this post, Cara. So proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. Thanks for sharing how you feel about Frank. He sounds like such an ideal pup. Your work fostering dogs must be fun and challenging. You have a huge heart.


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