Chhhhhhanges……Adjusting and Letting Go

Texas and Tennessee keeping tabs on the horses for me.
Texas and Tennessee keeping tabs on the horses for me.

Wasn’t sure I would write this week. We still have no answers with Texas and my heart is tired of thinking about it. Did I miss something? Could we have done something? If only I’d been home….all these thoughts swirl around me when I watch Tennessee and Frank playing without Tex. I’ve always hated mysteries. Living with this one frustrates me, but I guess I’m going to have to make peace with it.

My favorite quote when it comes to parenting, training horses, writing, and now fostering dogs is from Maya Angelou – “You did then what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better.” Simple words, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to them for comfort. Regretting not doing something you weren’t capable of doing at that time is pointless.

Tennessee has morphed into a different dog. I guess none of us realized how much of a calming influence Texas was on my little pack. Left to his own devices, gated in the kitchen, he’s managed to remove the entire top edge from my hard plastic laundry basket, destroy the zipper and strap (the two most important elements) of my daughter’s book bag, and gnaw the corner off one of her school owned textbooks.

What's left of my favorite sandals
What’s left of my favorite sandals

Apparently, without his playmate, he’s bored. Yesterday he devoured my favorite sandals – quietly, while I was in the room, mind you. He’s a master chewer. Who knew?

My husband lucked into an entire box of hard plastic parts at work and brought them home for the weekend. Tennessee loved “sneaking” them out of the box left on the floor, but soon tired of them as the plastic was too hard to even crack. It did keep him busy for the better part of the weekend.DSC_0073

Missing the companionship of his sibling, he now demands it from us. He nudges my hand or leg whenever I am near requesting my attention at first quietly, but soon more insistently. If you’re going to sit there on the chair, you might as well be petting me. You don’t need both hands to talk on the phone. Here, I’ll just put my head right under your hand, then you don’t even have to do much work.

He’s grown as devoted as Frank, whining when I leave the room and waiting at the door whenever I go out. They watch my every move (that’s when they can stay awake after their nonstop wrestling fests).

Canning tomatoes simply did not hold their attention.
Canning tomatoes simply did not hold their attention.

Speaking of Frank, or frankly speaking -gosh I’ll miss the play on words of his name – he’s eminently due to launch. That’s all I’ll say about that. Don’t want to jinx things and I’ve certainly had enough tears this week.

We will miss him, but Tennessee may miss him more. Their full-body contact, no-holds-barred wrestling matches are endless. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite moments – (I promise no one was hurt in these episodes…I only wish I could provide you with the sound track!)









2 thoughts on “Chhhhhhanges……Adjusting and Letting Go”

  1. Thought I’d reread some of your past posts. TX and TN came to my mind today, months after last reading this. Did you ever find out what caused TX to pass away? I’m glad that things got better for you and you were able and willing to keep fostering dogs. Never nice when a dog destroys something of value to you though. I think that Gabby, the retriever my mom got in 2008, may have had a nibble on part of one of my croc’s straps, as there’s a slight rip in it to this day. I enjoy those shoes and wear them often (great with and without socks), and she eventually learned what and what not to chew on. Phew! Keep blogging. Your posts make for some nice reading when I want something relaxing to do.


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