Now Starring JOHN COFFEY…

DSC_0680I’ve gotten in the habit of only blogging once a week about the foster dog of the moment, but John Coffey simply cannot be contained in one post per week. The dog is busy.

First off, if you know anyone looking for a Frisbee-catching, ball-chasing, potential movie star trick dog – send them my way. I’ve got the dog for them. If my nephew/dogwhisperer Brandon lived closer, I’d be adopting this dog and calling an agent.

This dog is crazy athletic, intensely paying attention, and as eager to please as a used car salesman. Throw in a tiny little bit of manic, and you’ve got the makings of dog headed for Hollywood, or at least dock-diving. At any rate, John Coffey needs a job.

I can run him four and a half miles in the morning, and still he’s dancing (for minutes at a time) on his hind legs as I’m preparing dinner.

He will chase a ball ALL DAY. Did I say all day? I meant 24 HOURS A DAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK UNTIL THERE ARE NO BALLS LEFT ON THE PLANET! Here’s a meager selection of the balls John Coffey can catch (it’s hard to be the photographer and the ball thrower…)

Notice the intense focus
Notice the intense focus
The overhead catch
The overhead catch
We have lift off...
We have lift off…
Even backhanded off the table!
Even backhanded off the table!
Gracie cannot help but snarl at this obsession. (It's making her meager ball chasing efforts look bad!)
Gracie cannot help but snarl at this obsession. (It’s making her meager ball chasing efforts look bad!)

My last dog, Lucy, loved to chase a ball, and she would faithfully retrieve everything Nick shot out with his lacrosse stick for a good fifteen-twenty minutes, but then she’d grow tired. She’d keep the ball to herself and find a comfy spot to lie down. Not John Coffey. We actually have to put the balls up where he can’t find them to end the game and he’ll still spend a few minutes whining for them.

Tennis balls exist in multitudes around this house, so he’s generally got two or three going at a time. No time to toss one? No problem. He tosses them TO HIMSELF!

Nick pulled out an old basketball and he went bonkers. He’d never seen a ball so big. The wiggle-spin-whine excitement was off the charts. It’s hard to throw a basketball safely in the house, but we try. When no one will play he’ll chase it into a corner and then just stand there and gnaw on it, waiting for a playmate.


The basketball was exciting, but when he discovered my exercise ball/desk chair – he went bonkers! It was the first time I heard him bark. His mind simply could not contain the idea of a ball of this size. I worried for his heart. Pictures don’t do his ecstasy justice, but here’s one:


DSC_0742This weekend, Ian has invited two friends over to play with John Coffey. Here’s betting the three of them cannot keep up with John Coffey. They plan to make a music video of his antics. Stay tuned. If they’re successful, I’ll post it on this blog.

On Sunday, I’m taking John Coffey to an OPH event in Hanover. We’re aiming to be there just after lunch from 1-3ish. It looks like my kind of event – handmade crafts. Stop by and see us! We’ll be at Jacquelyn’s Bake Shop (1786 Baltimore Pike, Hanover) trying to avoid the cupcakes. Please don’t bring any balls.

2 thoughts on “Now Starring JOHN COFFEY…”

  1. An OPH event at a bakery? Most eateries I can think of would likely never go for this. I guess some places are suckers for man’s best friend. It’s a good place to draw in a crowd and promote OPH though. PA and the surrounding area must be full of dog lovers.


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