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Rescue Dog Fill in the Blank

IMG_0631I just returned from a much-too-quick trip to Florida to meet with a book club. (Shout out to the fabulous ladies of the Forest Lakes Estates Book Club! Smart, interesting, fun women! Thanks for having me!)


I don’t think that there has ever been a dog more happy to see me come home than Meredith. She nearly lost her mind – leaping through the air, yelping with joy, only to throw herself on the ground and wriggle around, before tearing around the house and repeating the process ad infinitum. Gosh, she breaks my heart – would somebody please adopt this girl already??!

Meredith has the biggest, happiest heart. That was hard to see at first because she was so terribly frightened of people. Because she can’t tell us, we can only guess where her fear comes from, but she’s quickly overcoming it and learning to trust more every day. I promise you that if you take this girl home and love her, even a little, you will have a devoted disciple all your days.


Add to the loyalty factor- she is gorgeous and has the most velvety coat imaginable. It’s like permanent puppy fur. We fitted her with a harness and solved most of her leash issues – she still gets on a happy tear occasionally and bounds around in sheer joy, but it’s much more controllable with the harness.

I’ve taken her for a 4+ mile run and she is stellar – great manners, no monkeying around, cordial to all we encounter.

And, she’s so smart we were able to house break her in one day! She’s not a huge chewer, although she will inspire you to keep your counters clean. She’s trying very hard to make friends with Gracie, but Gracie has no patience for her exuberance.

Meredith’s also over-the-moon excited to get to know Okeriete, but we haven’t put them together yet because I fear she will squish Okeriete. The energy level alone with the two in one room could power a football stadium.

Speaking of Okeriete, I know you’re dying to know something about our tiny little buddy. He is more than just a Mexican jumping bean, fitted with a tiny harness, he can take that jumping enthusiasm horizontal! He bounds around chasing leaves and exploring the world. Anything out of the ordinary will stop him momentarily in his tracks – an overturned lawn chair, a cat (twice his size!), a random board someone left lying on the side yard – he freezes, creeps up to the unknown object, gives it a quick sniff, and then continues along on his Tigger-inspired trek. It’s a very good thing he only weighs five pounds – I can’t imagine holding on to the leash of a full-size dog with his enthusiasm!

Amazingly, his energy level has grown as he’s filled out enough to mostly cover his pint-size rib cage and his little cough is clearing up. He’s been sequestered in the puppy room with the baby plants and the humidifier breathing in healthy air and gaining a little weight. He’s in desperate need of more stimulation and rearranges his blanket, pee grass, toys, and food/water bowls pretty much hourly. As Nick says, the steady micro-activity coming from that room sounds like there’s a mouse in the wall. And just today he’s begun a very sad wale that is painful to hear. He wants out of his prison. There’s a whole big world to explore.

When you open the door to see what is happening, he leaps to his feet and begins his Mexican jumping bean imitation. I most love his ears – one sticks up and one flops over, giving him an inquisitive, adorable expression at all times.


Okeriete’s history offers another mystery to be solved. Thanks to some kind of glitch in his record, we’re still sorting out a few issues. I’ve been exchanging comical emails with OPH medical whizzo Gina as to whether or not he has been neutered. As I told her in my last email – he has no tattoo (rescue dogs are generally given a green or blue tattoo after they’ve been altered – it’s nothing fancy, just a little slash – I think they should make the tattoo a smiley face), no scars, and no visible “peanuts.” It remains to be seen how we will determine if a vet appointment must be made, but Okeriete has probably had enough of my investigations. Yes, the things we do for these dogs….


Also, wanted to give you a really special update on Chuggy Alabaster! His Mom called me today to say that Chuggy is a little hero in their home. He has a fur-sister Sail (a rescued greyhound) who has seizures, and last night he sensed one coming on and barked and barked to wake Rosie and Jim to alert them and they were able to help Sail. Rosie and I agreed that Chuggy came into their lives for a reason. Have to stop by and take a treat to my little hero.


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  1. Thank you so much for coming to our FLE Estates Book Club . We loved having you here to discuss your writing, “I’m Not Her”, and the forthcoming “Girls Weekend”. You are a treasure.

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