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Cat has gone to the cats, but Meet the Hamilton Puppies!

“So, now instead of twelve dogs, we only have eleven.”

I’m sure I never imagined I’d utter that remark in my lifetime.

Catalina took off for her forever home today. Of course, it’s only a trial adoption since Heather has cats and Cat has a small cat obsession. We shall see.

I’m hoping it sticks because that will mean she stays local and I can keep tabs on her. I can’t wait to see if she grows into those big, goofy feet.

Cat’s adoption may make it harder for my husband to get his favorite contractor out here ever again. Heather’s other half is Barry who is our go-to guy for all matters involving digging, block laying, paving, or moving anything large. He’s built a rock wall, re-graded our hillside, yanked out a few trees by their roots, addressed our barn flooding issue, and paved our driveway in the past and now he’s back to help us with our garage building project this summer.

Heather met Cat the day she and Barry were here to quote the job. When Heather introduced Cat to Barry, he said, “But we’ve almost gotten rid of the kids….”

He’s a softie, though, so he called only a few hours later and said, “What do we have to do to get this dog?”

Somehow, I doubt he’ll be in a hurry to come out the next time Nick calls him with a job.

It’s a great home though, so here’s hoping Cat can figure out how to live with cats.

Meanwhile, let me introduce you to our newest guests….Momma Schuyler and the cast of Hamilton-

Alexander Hamilton

Hercules Mulligan
John Laurens
Eliza Hamilton
Angelica (Schuyler) Church
Peggy (Schuyler) Van Rensselaer
Maria Reynolds

These little furballs are so far beyond cute, that words fail me. They swagger and sway like tiny, fuzzy, drunk sailors as they wrestle with each other and jostle for position at the milk bar. They sleep in adorable brown-black-white lumps; it’s often times hard to identify nine pups amid the tails and toes piled one on the other. And Schuyler is such a great mom, even though she seems to be still a pup herself. She’s the most appreciative company in the whole house, welcoming me into the puppy room with a whimper and wag of her tail as she comes to greet me with several puppies still attached.


I remember that feeling, that desperate need for adult company. Being the mom to little ones is never easy – whether you have just one or nine.

Here’s a little video of the show –




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