No, Really, He’s a Girl!

I realize I don’t have to confess this. And it’s going to make me sound like an idiot. But….this is just too funny not to write about. And I’m not worried about my reputation. I figure this will lower expectations of me as a competent foster, so if I do anything at all right from now on, I’ll only look good.

So, let me tell you.

Homeboy is a girl.DSC_9292


Yes, I’ve had this puppy two weeks. And yes, I must be an idiot because I just noticed on Sunday that she doesn’t have a penis.

I’ve come up with quite a few explanations for this. First, I was told this was a boy puppy.  And, people tend to see what they expect to see. There is a great body of evidence for this phenomenon. Magicians capitalize on it and marketing people count on it. Our government expects it of us and good teachers try their darndest to teach children to see beyond it. And yet we still see the old woman in the image and not the beautiful girl.


I could carry this idea further to say it’s at the root of much that is wrong in our world. We all are guilty of seeing what we expect to see and not seeing the possibilities or the person (puppy).

My very progressive daughter would think it’s pretty cool that I embraced the whole puppy and wasn’t hung up on the physical designation of my puppy’s gender.

All I can really say, though is – I just never looked. It didn’t occur to me. I was too focused on SIX PUPPIES and their poop/pee/chaos/needs/kisses.

Homeboy taking down Boz
Homeboy taking down Boz

And if you observed Homeboy/girl, you would have seen one tough little puppy who may have been the smallest one, but took no guff from any of them – including the big boys, Marzle and Lug Nut. She completely held her own. She was in no way “girlie.” In fact, when the puppies segregated themselves on occasion the four “boys” would wrestle, while the two girls napped nearby.

The only giveaway would be in the way she moves. She prances with the most adorable strut in which she throws her front feet straight out in front of her. And she’s coordinated, using her front paws as if she’s a cat to bat at toys, her siblings, and the air when she’s excited (or sees a poltergeist invisible to the rest of us.)

And then there’s the fact that she’s downright gorgeous. Prettiest puppy in the pack.

Since learning that she’s a girl, we’ve tried calling her Homegirl, but Homeboy still suits. She may be a girl, but she’s a tomgirl at that. Here’s a shot of her offering a high five after digging in the dirt and coming up with a brown nose –


And here’s one of her catching a ball with both paws –


And because pictures just don’t do this gorgeous girl justice, this morning  I made a quick video of her.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are right now thinking – “How is it possible you had this puppy in your care for two whole weeks and never noticed that he was a she? How incompetent are you?”


Believe me, I’ve been asking myself the same question!

But you know what? The bottom line is that I have loved these puppies the best I could. They are healthy and happy and ready to break my heart and go to their forever homes. And it really doesn’t matter so much to me if they are boys or girls, they are precious puppies. Every one of them.


7 thoughts on “No, Really, He’s a Girl!”

  1. I once took my “so cute she had to be a girl” kitten to be spayed! Vet said I can’t spay, but I will neuter. His whole life, 18 yrs., I still said” he is too cute to be a boy”.


  2. Nice post. You’re right, the high quality of care the puppies got from you is far more important than what gender they are. Us girls gotta hold our own in this world.:)

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