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50th Times the Charm

Our house is much quieter. (for now)

Rooney finally went home with her new forever mom after a long wait. They met over a week ago and fell in love, but we had to wait for Rooney to finish her antibiotics and be 100% healthy so she could go home. Which she did on Friday. And we all miss her. My little brother will be very happy to know Rooney is in the Air Force now! Her mom is one of America’s finest.


Before she left, she, Lucy, and Obie had a fun week.

Here’s Obie and Lucy sharing a stick:

And here’s Rooney and Obie not sharing a pumpkin:

In fact, pretty much everything is fun with Obie. He has the ability to put a smile on every face he encounters. His new forever daddy showed up to meet him on Monday and fell hard very quickly. I have a feeling that Obie is headed for a long and spoiled life, well deserved.

Before Obie took off, though, he made a very special visit to a woman I met through another friend last year. She is battling a vicious cancer and doing it with serious style and attitude. I met this amazing woman last year and a few months later she came for ‘puppy therapy’ with the Hamilton puppies. Now, though, she is not getting out nearly as much, so when our mutual friend contacted me to see if Obie might be available for a little puppy therapy, we offered to visit.

On our way for the puppy therapy visit.

Let me tell you this is a special puppy. He happily climbed right up on his patient’s lap and sat there for a good 20 minutes, nibbling on her fingers and kissing her face and generally making everyone who came in the room smile. It is an honor to be a teeny, tiny part of Jen’s journey and I’m grateful that I had the right puppy for the job.

This only made saying good-bye to Obie harder. You’d think as a foster, I’d get used to this lump-in-the-throat, tears in the back of your eyes feeling, but I don’t. None of us do, but some of us are better at hiding it.

The night before Obie left, I hosted a gathering of other OPH fosters and volunteers. Obie basked in the attention. I handed off my camera to a teen in attendance and when I looked at the pictures the next day more than half were of Obie.

This is later in the party – the party animal was worn out!

It was fun to see everybody in a relaxed setting where none of us were having to ‘work.’ Usually I see these people at adoption events or transports or occasionally in my driveway or theirs when we are handing off dogs or supplies. So seeing them for the simple purpose of being together was a treat.

We talked about our lives and of course, we talked about these dogs that we love so very much. I wasn’t the only one who said good-bye this past weekend. There was a general consensus that the pain of a pup leaving is always lessened when an adopter takes the time to update us on how things are going.

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE when an adopter posts on Another Good Dog facebook page or the Hamilton Puppy Facebook page or the new page for Lily’s litter. I know I’ve hinted at it plenty of times, but here’s me telling YOU- if you adopt a dog through OPH or any rescue, be sure to let your fosters know how it’s going. Knowing we saved a dog is a wonderful feeling, knowing that dog is still safe and happy is even better.

Speaking of saving a dog! I have big news. I’m about to save my 50th dog!

I can’t quite believe it, but number 50 is due THIS SATURDAY. And she’s a doozy. In fact, she’s not just number 50, but number 50 + who knows how many more! Yup, she’s pregnant. So, stay tuned for updates and if you really want to follow the action, be sure to join the Another Good Dog Facebook group, where I’ll be updating often and sharing the whole adventure.

And just in case, you’re keeping track, Number 47 is still with us for a few more days. Lucy will be moving in with another foster later this week. She’s been with us six weeks, and still has no applications. This breaks my heart and I’m chalking it up to the fact that Lucy is every inch a hound dog and hounds require special people.

But lucky for Lucy she’s moving in with Juanita who has a dog paradise going at her place, so she won’t miss us for long. Ginger and Whoopi vacationed at Juanita’s place this summer and loved it there, so I have no doubt that Lucy will, too. Meanwhile, I’ll keep reminding all of you that there is an AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL hound dog awaiting her forever family right now! We did a little photo shoot this weekend so that we could spruce up her adoption page. Here’s a few of the pictures, plus a couple fairwell shots of the amazing Obie.

6 thoughts on “50th Times the Charm”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the foster’s struggles with saying goodbyes and then wanting, rather NEEDING, updates from adopters! It makes it much less painful to make the sacrifices and ride the emotional roller coaster that is involved with fostering and rescue.


    1. It really does help, doesn’t it? I guess we just have to keep reminding adopters again and again! Maybe you need to start a facebook group now that your foster numbers are climbing so that you can keep track of them and make it easier for them to send updates!


  2. Your pages and posts are always such a joy to read…I smile and laugh…and cry…right along with you on your every update (😮😪😁)

    As for Obie – how I wish that I…..

    …but no, it’s not possible 😞

    When I was a youngster, we had a beagle named Frisky, and as a teen, another named Rocky. They were the sweetest fur friends in the world. If ever again I’m able, an older beagle will be my choice of companions…

    Thanks for all you do.


  3. Cara- I look forward every week to see your new story appear in my inbox! I’m also a volunteer with OPH, but am not nearly as active as you are!! Lol! I have to say our rescue is full of the best dogs out there that are being fostered by the most devoted group of volunteers who give up a great deal of their free time to save these fantastic wigglebutts!!
    I want to tell you how much I admire you for all that you( and your family) do for all these once unwanted dogs! You have a very full life, yet you are able to carve out time to save/foster at least 1 dog in your house at all times! I wish more people would see that they Could foster a dog. It can be a hard job at times but it’s some of the most rewarding work you’d ever do in your life. Plus you have a huge network of support standing behind/next to you along your whole journey!! Hopefully through all your wonderful stories and FaceBook pages, OPH will recruit some new fosters so that we are able to save more dogs from high-kill shelters! The more foster’s we have-the more dogs we can save!! I think your writing will help inspire people and at the very least open their eyes to the joys and sadness that accompanies being a foster momma to a dog. You show the life with great humor and complete honesty. It is very refreshing to read such an open look into your life and all the characters that come into it and eventually leave!
    Thanks for letting me sit on a shelf in your kitchen and watch life go by in your world!! Can’t wait to read your next story! And as always:” Adopt! Don’t Shop!!” 😋


    1. Oh Sarah – you are so kind. thanks for doing what you do for oph, too. I hope you’re right. I hope by writing about our journey, it will inspire more people to foster and to volunteer and get involved so we can save more dogs! Thanks for your kind words and for reading! Happy to share my world with you.


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