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Election Results

When I woke last Wednesday morning and the election was finally over, I was devastated. I looked out at the rain and it felt like my best plan of action was to crawl back in bed and not get up for four years.

But then I had another thought.

“Suck it up, Buttercup,” I told myself.

I can handle this. And besides, I’m not always right. It is my greatest hope that I am completely wrong on this one. Now, don’t let that sidetrack you. This is not a political post. That’s just a confession of where I was when I made a crazy decision.

I got out of bed, had some caffeine and changed the notifications on my Facebook (I did put on my big-girl panties, but that doesn’t mean I could stomach the taunting or rejoicing of those for which it was a bright sunny morning).

And then I decided what I really needed was some puppies. That would put everything in perspective for me, or at the very least, it would be a grand distraction and a place to channel my excess emotions.

I scrolled through the list of dogs in need of fosters. There were so many. So many four-legged, furry, sweet distractions. I was gonna get me some.

The puppy addiction thing is real. For those of you who find that hard to believe, explain to me why sane people do this, if not because of an addiction? We voluntarily take piles of puppies into our homes for weeks on end, cleaning up messes of all shapes and sizes and scents, running laundry nonstop, measuring food and wormers and giving vaccines, and having our sleep disrupted daily. And then, just when we get a routine going, they up and get adopted and break our hearts. Who does that unless they have a serious problem?

So, maybe this explains why on this day that was so very sad for me, the one thing I craved more than anything else was—puppies! And the great thing about OPH is that they are happy to be my enabler. And now only four days after I had that craving, there are three adorable puppies ensconced in my puppy room available day and night for snuggling and distraction.

So, let me introduce you. These three little rascals are 4-months old and just about the same size as my 8 week old pups who vacated the premises last week. They will all grow to be a nice, manageable size, maybe 30-40 pounds. They are all boys and very different from Edith’s sweet gaggle of girls. They find puppy pads to be excellent for tug-of-war and can howl like coyotes, each trying to out-sing the other. They wait, coiled like springs in the puppy pen, always alert and ready for action. I try to creep by the room, but every time (really EVERY TIME) I pass, all three are on their feet and ready to go, flinging themselves at the gate and shoving their brothers out of the way.


First there is Hershey Kiss, or Hershey as we call him since he’s all boy and does in no way resemble a candy. Hershey is the leader of this small pack. He’s clever and vocal and with his long, long legs he easily jumps higher than the others demanding my attention FIRST. Ian looked at him leaping at the puppy fence and said, “Two weeks and you’re over that fence, bud.”


Dustie is the smallest of the three, but only in substance, not in stature. He’s lighter and more nimble than the others. He LOVES me. This guy is a charmer. Always the first to climb in my lap and cover me with kisses. His name is perfect because his coat does indeed look like he has a coating of dust on him. You probably can’t see that in the pictures, but up close he’s a cream color with little beigey specks all over. Very unique coloring. Very unique guy.dsc_5670

And then there’s Russell. This is a sweet puppy whose name seems too big and serious for him. He’s a chunky guy with a gorgeous tiger striped coat and big round eyes that watch me all the time. He’s more careful than the others, taking everything in and generally content to wait his turn. I’m smitten by this handsome fellow; I’ll be the first to admit it. He looks very different than his siblings. They have long pointy snouts and he has more of a boxy face. While he is the same height as them, he has thicker limbs and is wider and more substantial and definitely sports a few more pounds than they do.dsc_5666

We have house guests headed our way on Friday, followed by more next week for Thanksgiving. Do I have time to be taking care of puppies? That would be a ‘no’. But, right now, for me, puppies are what I need. Every day’s a good day when there are puppies in the house.

Big Shout Out to Tim Guy, another OPH foster who picked up these bad boys from transport and kept them over night for me this past weekend. Hopefully, they didn’t do any permanent damage. While the stooges were there, Tim got some great pictures:




If you’d like more updatespictur, es, and videos on foster dogs past and present, be sure to join my facebook group, Another Good Dog.

7 thoughts on “Election Results”

  1. I’m the same way with kittens…they are good for the soul, as long as I don’t have to keep them forever. Seven cats in the house is truly enough, along with the dog!


    1. Cannot imagine fostering kitties, but I suppose there is that ‘cat independence’ so maybe you don’t have to worry as much about them when they go to their new homes. My daughter would LOVE us to foster cats, but my allergic husband couldn’t handle it. Our three are mostly outside. Hats off to you for fostering – there is such a tremendous need.


  2. I’m glad you have the puppies and your passion to buoy you! I’m absolutely fine with the election results. But then I don’t buy into anything the mainstream media says. Nor do I believe Trump and his voters are Nazis. There, I said it. I’m sure many people will hate me and judge me without even knowing me or my reasons.
    Seriously, I am fine. In my mind it was always Anybody But Clinton. Would never have voted for her in 2008 either. I praised the lord when Obama entered the race for the White House.


  3. Thanks so much for this update. I was having puppy blog withdrawals! Thanks for taking in these handsome boys and taking care of them. My husband and I just started fostering rabbits which is a whole different story. I look forward to many more puppy postings!


  4. I know exactly how you felt because I felt the same way too. My Twitter pals helped and so did the SNL skit about election night with Chris Rock and David Chapelle. Your new boys are very handsome! Puppy kisses are good for the soul. 😃 By the way I made another donation to OPH found out how to lower the donation to Razoo.


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